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That is appealing.




tfw u need to do ur chapter 2.................
Tue Aug 25, 2015, 11:54 PM
was i that hungering for shrimp
Fri Aug 7, 2015, 10:16 PM
why did i write anything about shrimp in the first place
Fri Aug 7, 2015, 10:15 PM
why did i write "why did i write "shrimp" at feb. 28th 2014 12:30am" at may 9th 2015 at 2:08pm
Fri Aug 7, 2015, 10:15 PM
why did i write "shrimp" at feb. 28th 2014 12:30am
Sat May 9, 2015, 2:08 PM



Oct 12, 2015
10:38 pm
Oct 11, 2015
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Oct 11, 2015
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Oct 10, 2015
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Oct 8, 2015
1:52 pm

i'm redoing an old story on dA that i wrote a long time ago. i just want to gauge interest for it B)c 

1 deviant said sign me the hell up!
1 deviant said i might be interested B)C
1 deviant said nah son.........................just give me the aph russias....
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the cat (maria)
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stop THE sinning

names maria and im just a cat with some friends and aph russia

i don't really use this account for posting things anymore, but i still use it for rping. my other account (art an shit) is "estonias"..........sometimes i go between both. just.. *clutches chest* can't let this account go

current writing projects:

"War's Antidote" - Chapter 1/ ??

"The Week" - Chapter 2/ 7

"Their Story" - Chapter 1/ ??


update and also suffer w me

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 10:37 PM

suffer w me: pLEASE listen to lone by it..

update: chapter 3 of The Week will probably be out tomorrow! i almost had it out tonight (9/14) but alas........ i probably wont. i might though if i forgo getting decent sleep. lmao...

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An hour had passed since [Name] and Shiveov had started looking for her things in the grand Kremlin, and to no avail had they found them. By now Shiveov had been told of the reason she was there as an officer and he felt bad for both Ivan and [Name]. It was a rather shitty situation they were forced into. And not being able to find her luggage was even more telling of just how bad this situation was. Stalin would have the person who misplaced them sent to the Gulags - there was no doubt about that.

    "What are we going to do?" [Name] sighed.

    "I do not know. This is bad. Whoever misplaced them will surely..." Shiveov trailed off in favor of not thinking too deeply about the punishment.

    "I know." [Name] replied, voice laced with worry. "I don't want to get anyone killed over some bags. It's just some clothing and like... one of Ivan's coats but otherwise nothing too special."

    "Well.. you still have... how many hours?"


    "Gosh... we need to hurry. I expect Stalin might do a once over on your room to make sure you have settled in."

    "Why would he do that?"

    "...To make sure no one is doing something or lying behind his back. The man is very paranoid."

[Name] nodded and shuddered. She had an hour to get her things back and make them look in place if Stalin was really going to check on her room. Having her things still in the suitcase would look very suspicious. Or would having her things in the closet like home be suspicious of being suspicious? Ugh! Now [Name] was becoming as paranoid as the dictator. She shook her head and went with Shiveov to ask around once more. Finally, they came to a rather young looking soldier. He turned around when addressed and bowed to [Name] hurriedly.

    "Hello Comrade [Name]! How can I help you?"

    "I seem to have lost my luggage. Comrade Leo gave it to someone when we came in, but I've no idea where it went. Do you know?"

    "Ah! Come with me. I think I know where it may be found." 

    "Oh, great! Thank you, Comrade!"

The young soldier nodded and led [Name] and Shiveov up the staircase hurriedly. When he got up to the floor of residence, he stopped at Ivan's door and knocked before opening the door. There sat [Name's] belongings, on the bed. In fact, they looked a bit ruffled with. 

    "It... it looks like someone went through them...?" Shiveov tilted his head.

    "Leo would do anything to see a woman's panties, it was probably him being gross. I'll take it to my room and get my stuff out. Thank you, young soldier!"

    "Please, call me Luneth! That is my name after all."

    "Very well then, Luneth. Nice to meet you!" 

[Name] gave him a half bow before hurrying to her room with her baggage, leaving Luneth and Shiveov in Ivan's room. Shiveov knew the panic that must have been going trough [Name] and didn't mind that she sped off without so much as telling him goodbye. He shook his head with a small grin and walked with Luneth back downstairs. Meanwhile, in [Name's] room, she shut the door quietly and lifted her things onto her bed. Shiveov was all too right about his observation - someone had gone through her things. She carefully opened her suitcase, half expecting a chemical bomb to explode. What she found instead was a note. It was in English, and hand-written. The note read - 

    'Dear [Name], if you're reading this, then I see you do not follow directions very well. I instructed you to tell me if your luggage was missing. Had you have, the officer to bring your luggage would have removed the note. But you found it - on your own or with help, I do not know nor care. I almost like that about you, unafraid to go against orders for the preservation or your fellow humans. ...Almost. I am watching you, [Name]. -Best regards, Stalin.'

    "Oh... my God..." [Name] uttered. 

So it was a set up! She was being tested and she hadn't been there for two hours. She growled and glared at the note. How could Stalin know she'd gotten the note? Oh... of course, he would ask her if her belongings were in her room. And since he rigged it, he would know if she was lying. What would be better - telling the truth, or blatantly lying? [Name] clutched the note and zipped her luggage. Stalin didn't say she couldn't be early after all.

Knock knock!

"Come in." 

[Name] opened the door and shut the door without seeing it closed carefully. The loud closing made the leader look up. He noticed her and then the piece of paper - he grinned, as if this were some sort of game. Of course, to him, it probably was.

    "What is this?" She asked, her tone neutral.

    "It appears to be a note. The penmanship is rather fine, if I do say so myself."

    "Why did you do that?" [Name] asked. 

    "It was a test, as the note read. Evidently, you did not pass. You could have saved yourself an hour by just asking. No one would have been killed."

    "This time! What about the next time something actually does go wrong?!"

    "There is no room for incompetence in my Union! That includes you. Even if you are Ivan's wife - we can find him another wife."

    "You won't get me so easily, Stalin." [Name] hissed.

    "You are not like him... you are not immortal."

Truth be told, [Name] was immortal. It was the doing of her marriage with Ivan. When they got married, Ivan underwent a magical procedure by Arthur that allowed him to take the tiniest slither of Ivan's soul and exchange it with a piece of [Name's] soul. The immortal coding in Ivan's well overrode [Name's] mortal coding and thus she became just like him. If, for some reason something were to ever happen to Ivan, she would be the next personification of Russia. Despite being apart of it, Ivan, [Name], nor Arthur knew all the details, but they simply knew of it's effects. This was something [Name] chose to keep secret to Stalin. It would come in handy sometime. But despite being immortal, [Name] didn't really want to get shot, and thus she made herself pull on her reins a little. 

    "I'm not immortal, but I'm not going to waste a life for luggage." [Name] replied.

    "Next time, you'd better, or else it'll be your life you're wasting." Stalin growled.

After staring one another down for what seemed like hours, [Name] finally dropped the issue. She took the note and threw it in his trash can, sitting down in front of him.

    "...What are my duties, Stalin?"

    "I am glad that you asked, Comrade [Name]. You will be in charge of helping around the Kremlin - various odd jobs. And then, when the military regiment gets back from their rifle training, you will be training them. I was going to say in mostly sword combat, but I think you are good enough to do actual rifles and such, yes?"


    "Good! Excellent. Then, you shall train the 24th army. They are fresh from the reserves and know almost nothing about war."

    "I can work with beginners." [Name] replied.

    "But can you train them in one week?"

[Name] gasped. One week?! Stalin couldn't be serious.

    "Y-you plan to send them to war after my week is over?!"

    "There is no time to waste. The Eastern Front is very dangerous. I need men there now."

    "B-but... a week! A week is not... enough time!"

    "I suggest you make it enough time."

    "And how do you expect me to do that?!" [Name] snapped.

    "You are the great Ivan Braginsky's wife. I have no doubt that you were just as great. Otherwise... the question begs to why he would wed you."

    "Maybe people wed because they love one another and not for practicality." 

    "And maybe the Nazis are not knocking on my front door demanding entry! Enough of this. You have been given your orders. I want them followed through with no trouble. Oh, I nearly forgot. You will also take Ivan's place in accompanying me to meetings."

    "Shouldn't you have a native Russian speaker accompany you?"

Stalin chuckled. 

    "That... would make it all too easy for you, would it not? Here - I will throw in a translator for you."

    "You're too fucking kind." [Name] hissed.

    "Go to the kitchen downstairs first. They may need some help with tidying up. Keep yourself busy until the members arrive to be trained... Comrade [Name]."

[Name], with a glare, turned around and walked from his office seething with rage. How had Ivan managed to not kill him already? The nation must have had the patience of a saint. Or perhaps throwing himself into further turmoil without a leader yet again would be too much. She just sighed and headed downstairs, beginning her first day on the job...
The Week | [Ivan x Reader] | Chapter Three

there is a bit of strong language in this one... at the bottom... but tbh... i imagine most people reading these stories are grown enough so i dont tag unless absolutely needed. 

YES here is the third chapter B)c
stalin continues to be an asshole, just as he would irl, and the reader aka you keeps having to put up with his shit...
slides in the 'how ur immortal' situation in real smooth 
originally the reader wasnt going to be immortal but later on that comes in handy so. whoop there it is.

next chapter coming out soon! pls fave / comment if u liked it.
obvs i dont own ivan, or stalin. but really. his own dad didnt want him. so.

chapter one - The Week [Ivan x Reader] | Chapter One
chapter two- The Week | [Ivan x Reader] | Chapter Two

update and also suffer w me

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 10:37 PM

suffer w me: pLEASE listen to lone by it..

update: chapter 3 of The Week will probably be out tomorrow! i almost had it out tonight (9/14) but alas........ i probably wont. i might though if i forgo getting decent sleep. lmao...

  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: hella music
  • Reading: all the characters...
  • Watching: my ww2 arc characters beg of u to do dis
  • Playing: bravely default
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'I'd always wanted to ride on a Russian style train. They say this has been in use ever since World War Two. I'm not sure if it's true of not - it's just what they say. There aren't really any indications that the statement is true. It's just what I hear. But the outside of the train has been redone multiple times for fixes, that I do know. I know it because this train is on a popular track in London. Newspapers tend to pick up when a popular train has been replaced with a different train. Here I sit now, coming back from a trip to America. This train takes me back to my home - or at least close enough - and I can then take a taxi the rest of the way there. Or walk. I like to walk at night and ponder things. Night time has some sort of... surreal affect on a person that daytime seems to scare away. I'm not sure how to describe it except... mystifying.'

Thoughts like these filled the mind of Shandi Xernia, traveler and world-class detective. She'd just gotten back from handling a very tough case in America and was very tired. Her plan was to go home and sleep until the afternoon sometime, but, of course, these plans never went as she would have liked them too. She'd only been settled in her train car for a short while when the train hit a bump and something fell from the above cargo storage onto her head. 

    "Ow! What the...?" Shandi looked to her right to find a strange pink diary, one that looked quite old.

She raised an eyebrow and picked it up; the lock was rusted, the edges of the pages were ripped or had noticeable water damage on them. The woman tried to open the diary only to find that the lock was still dutifully keeping the pages' secrets locked up tightly. With a quick yank though, the lock proved to be far too worn to be of any use for anyone with the strength of a ten year old. It came right off the book and into Shandi's hand. She set it down next to her and opened up the first page. To her surprise, it was in Russian. The pages were also very yellowed and brittle upon further examination. Shandi felt almost... forbidden to look upon the pages trapped in time. But her curiosity got the best of her and she began to read the script. 

    'August, 1941. Kiev. I do not know how much longer we will be able to hide. Our neighbors have already been moved into the ghettos in Warsaw. The Soviets are trapped on all fronts. Europe will run red. Hitler will win. The Slavs will all be terminated. Only the Germans will exist. Hitler's reign will be terrifying; it will be unlike any before it. Luckily, we have not been noticed. But Kiev is already far from Russian reach. Stalin cannot keep making mistakes. I have already given up hope for a future for myself. My bloodline dies here.' 

"Good God..." Shandi muttered, "whoever this was knew they were going to die. Where is a name?" 

She searched over the journal for a name but failed to find one. Just as she thought. She sighed; she would never know when wrote this now. Shandi opened the book back up and read on.

    'August 1941. Kiev. They nearly found us today. I thought we were doomed. All because our cat refused to shut up. It is not out fault we have no food to feed it. The cat would probably be shot if the Germans found us anyway. My mother entertained the thought of killing her for food. But I stood against it. She is the only friend I have. And yet, my only friend almost turned us in today. My father works all day and nearly all night, yet his bosses tell him to go home and rest with a smile. That stupid, fake smile. How can anyone be happy here. Where the Jews are fleeing I do not know. I think they may have fled to Switzerland. I wish I could flee to Switzerland. I wish... I wish...'

    "I wish..." a voice murmured, "I remember writing it many times over. I hoped it would happen. My magical escape."

Shandi's eyes flew open as she heard the voice. She looked around her train car to find a girl in the mirror in front of her. 

    "A-are you...?"

    "Would you hear my story?"

Like a whoosh, Shandi was instantly taken back in time, though she didn't realize it until she noticed her surroundings. Everything was so real. The ground below her feet, the hunger pangs in her stomach, the weakness she felt in her entire body. Yet, she lifted up the shovel that was suddenly in her hands and began to work automatically, as if she were programmed to do it. A voice from all around her spoke to her in gentle words. 

    "It was like this everyday..." the voice spoke, "I had been a Jew in Moscow, Russia's grand capitol. But in 1925 we fled the city in fear of another revolution. So we went to Kiev in the Ukraine, where family was. We lived here quite nicely, until the war began and Hitler's armies attacked. Soviet forces became trapped in what would be a huge mistake during the Battle of Kiev. The Germans had--" 

    "Five hundred thousand forces... it would become a huge military failure on Stalin's part. The Soviets outnumbered them by at least two hundred thousand more men. But..."

    "They were surrounded by German forces and were either taken prisoner or killed. And, of course, Stalin's outrageous laws that forbade anyone to get captured would ensure that many soldiers kill themselves to escape capture. Only a handful of Russians made it out alive. This would be the start of my life's decline, straight into Hell."

From behind, a Nazi soldier noticed Shandi stopping her work and talking out loud, but nobody was there. He grunted and walked over to her, hitting her head with the butt of his rifle. She yelped in pain and turned around quickly.

    "What are you doing?! Stop praying to your God! He can't help you now!"

Shandi could only stand there in shock. How could he see her? She assumed she was like some sort of spirit, but he'd just hit her and saw her talking with the nameless girl. She could only nodded in fear, confusion and returned to working with the shovel. And then came the convulsions. Her body was trying to throw up, but nothing was there to leave the body. When she managed to stop she turned around only to see the same soldier going over to her. He actually looked concerned.

    "Eat some bread. If you don't work, Hitler will throw me in the gas chambers with you rats!"

    "They were always concerned for their own well being. There was never a time where any that I knew of actually helped us. One has to feel bad, though. These men were being forced to deal with things most didn't agree with. Nazi has a bad notation behind it, but a lot of people forget that a lot of the men were hollow shells of emotion, forced to do this. And then... the others, who were still puppets but willingly obeyed Hitler."

Shandi shakily consumed the bread - it was moldy to say the least. Certainly not what the soldiers themselves got. Suddenly she began to choke. The bread got stuck in her throat and she was unable to lodge it out. Her vision got dimmer and dimmer when suddenly she jolted herself awake on the train. She was in a panic, looking around the train car wildly. The diary was in her hands still, but on the page she last stopped reading. It appeared she had fallen asleep. 

    "What a weird dream..."

Shortly after, her train stopped at her stop. She got up and gathered her things, including the diary, and left the train. On the way outside, she went to smooth her hair back only to feel an huge bump on her head - right where the Nazi had made contact with her skull in her "dream".

That was no dream...
Their Story | Chapter One : Camp

this is a rewrite of this: The Adventure - Part One

i wanted to rewrite it and since i started diving head-first back into Soviet history i wanted to get into rewriting the story. plus it's a damn fine story, but my old writing and foolish mistakes don't capture that essence. here it is! i have like. 3 writing obligations happening at the same time so this may be put on the back burner for more popular stories. 

please let me know if u like it! and yes, this time i own shandi 100% as she isn't based off of a petsite image now.
i'm redoing an old story on dA that i wrote a long time ago. i just want to gauge interest for it B)c
1 deviant said sign me the hell up!
1 deviant said i might be interested B)C
1 deviant said nah son.........................just give me the aph russias....
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