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    "Comrade Ivan, Comrade Stalin would like to see you in his chambers."


The man stood from his old wooden desk and put his cap on, even if he were to remove it minutes later. He cut his lamp off and heaved a sigh, shutting his door almost all the way before going down the hall to his leader's chambers. Hard military men like him were often shaken to their core while dealing with their rather insane leader and he was no exception. Though he masked his fear well, even he was afraid of what Stalin might do next. He closed his eyes and looked down in a prayer before knocking on the door. 

    "Comrade Stalin, it is--"

    "Yes, yes. Come in, Comrade Ivan."

Ivan opened the door and shut it behind him, giving the soldiers that stood outside the door a gloomy gaze as the wooden door slowly shut and latched itself into place.

    "Comrade Stal--"

    "Please, Ivan, let us drop the formalities. Loosen up, you are as stiff as a board."

Ivan nodded and almost broke a chuckle. Not even this dire situation could he escape his beloved's sarcastic voice in his head, uttering out some sort of sexual innuendo at the mention of "stiff as a board". However the feeling to chuckle faded almost as soon as it came, and he felt an overwhelming sense of dread hanging over his head. He felt like it was only a matter of time before Stalin broke the floodgates to some huge problem that he hadn't heard of yet, something that could cripple the Union under Nazi heels. He looked up from his shoes to see Stalin gazing out of a window. He tilted his head in slight curiosity. 

    "...Ivan," Stalin finally spoke, "I called you here today to discuss something. Something that directly concerns you."

    "Alright, then. What is it?"

    "I think... that your wife, [Name], is a distraction."

    "W-what?!" Ivan gasped. 

    "I think that you could work harder without having her as an extra burden on your shoulders." Stalin replied.

    "[Name] is not a burden, sir, and she very well may be the only thing that keeps me sane! To get rid of her would be, well, stupid!"

Stalin looked at him wistfully and though Ivan now regretted implying that something Stalin might do would be stupid, he still held his ground with the fierce look he held when he said his comment. The dictator could tell that this thought greatly disturbed Ivan. It almost brought a smile to his face.

    "Very well, then. If what you claim is true, then I would like to conduct a small experiment. I want you and her to be separate for a week. She will stay in my guest quarters, and you will go away for a week to help those in Leningrad."
Ivan didn't like the idea of [Name] staying in Stalin's close quarters. Not because he was afraid she would betray him for Stalin. But because he was afraid Stalin may betray him. With [Name] in such close proximity, she was open to threats that she wasn't really open to when he was around. Not only was Stalin not a saint, but his questionable group of friends weren't to be trusted either. One of them was known for taking it way too far with young girls. How could he trust a random child in Stalin's care, let alone his wife? He couldn't! 

    "There has to be some other way to prove to you that I'm perfectly capab--"

 Despite Ivan's plea, Stalin kept talking. 

    "I will make sure she is safe and secure for your return. ...What can she do?"


    "Surely [Name] has some sort of skill set I can use?"

    "Ah, well..." Ivan pondered for a bit. [Name] wasn't really a traditional woman, much to Ivan's seven grandmother's dismay. She could cook the basics, but otherwise, keep her away from a kitchen. She couldn't mend or sew. She could clean, but anyone could clean. She could draw, and liked to paint, but that wasn't the skill set Stalin was looking for. [Name] couldn't even speak Russian, nor write the language. However, she could train soldiers in combat. Among [Name's] other skills, she was an excellent soldier. She could also teach the generals how to properly use sword combat. 

    "She can help train soldiers." Ivan blurted out. Of course, as soon as the sentence escaped his lips he realized the grave mistake he'd made. Now [Name] would be surrounded by soldiers! He groaned mentally. 

    "Ah! So she is a skilled fighter. I see. She will be of great use to us, then. This is effective tomorrow. Go home, talk to her and tell her what's going on. Have a nice dinner, take the night off. Tomorrow I expect you to report at seven in the morning, sharp."

    "Yes, sir." Ivan nodded, standing up and bowing before getting up and walking to the door.

    "Oh, Ivan," Stalin called.


    "Do not worry about [Name's] time here. I am sure she will have a fun time."

        'Nothing more fun than possibly getting deported to Siberia on a whim, right?' Ivan thought to himself.


Ivan walked in the door of his home with a long face and eyebrows knitted in worry. He also looked more tired than usual. As soon as he walked in, he could smell a rather impressive dinner being made. He tilted his head inside of the kitchen and raised an eyebrow curiously. Before him was [Name] and a few of Ivan's close comrades, Makar, Viktor and Leo. They all seemed to be trying and apparently succeeding at making a fancy dinner. Makar was the first to notice the general peeking in the kitchen. He shooed him away from the doorway with an oven mitt.

    "Back, you!" Makar exclaimed.

    "But, this is my house." Ivan coolly replied.

    "But is it your kitchen?" Makar inquired.

    "What does it being my kitchen have anything to do with--"


    "That's YOUR fault Viktor!" [Name] screeched, swinging a pan at his head. 

    "Sorry man! Geez, didn't mean to set your temper on fire."

    "Yams? Yams are pretty hard to get a hold of around this time." Ivan stated. "What's the big idea?"

    "[Name] wanted to do something nice for you is all." Makar chuckled.

    "Oh... well, that was awfully nice of her."

He looked into the kitchen and saw her scurrying around, correcting for Viktor's mistake and anyone else's. Leo was off in the corner, not being of much help at all, at the current moment. He stepped past Makar much to the young man's disdain and managed to catch [Name] before she went scurrying off to her next task. They were to report early tomorrow and this needed to be said as soon as possible. Especially since now, all the sudden, Ivan was going away for a whole week. He grabbed her arm as she swiftly tried to walk by. She looked at him and was surprised to see him in the kitchen, not  having noticed himself before.

    "Ivan! What are you doing in here? I told Makar to keep you out!"

    "He did an excellent job--"

    "I could do without the sarcasm... I'm very busy! I've got no time to chat."

    "[Name], wait--"

    "Honestly Ivan, there is no time!" [Name] exclaimed, yanking her arm from her husband and continuing with her cooking.

    "Wait! ...Stalin is having me shipped off."

[Name] stopped in her tracks, along with Makar, Viktor and Leo. She looked to him with a frown suddenly, her eyes softening from their previous stony cold glare.

    "What?" Viktor spoke first. "Why?"

    "He thinks [Name] is distracting me from my work and he wants to do an experiment... He wants to see how I work without her by my side."

    "That is fatal. Stalin should know that [Name] keeps you sane." Leo remarked.

    "I know... But you saw what he did to Molotov's wife. She was thrown in prison. And then, Molotov was so scared of Stalin, he voted for her imprisonment! I'm not going to become that trash! And [Name] isn't going to jail!"

    "Then what do you suppose you should do?" [Name] asked.

    "There is no choice... it has been decided that you will stay a week in Stalin's close quarters while I'm away." Ivan sighed.

    "Then I suppose I'll just have to show old man Stalin and you're fine with me and that I could be a useful asset to the Party--"


Ivan's eyes went wide with a fear that was greater than anyone in the room understood. He shook his head, still fuming at the thought, though in reality he was just afraid. Not of Stalin, for Ivan would outlive Stalin. But of what Stalin would have [Name] doing if he found out she could be of some asset to the Union.

    "You must not prove yourself any more useful than needed. Getting mixed up with the Party is dangerous! You'll be tossed around by Stalin with his mind tricks and games, then you'll be in a constant race to prove yourself better alive than dead, and, and--!"

    "Calm down, Ivan." [Name] practically whispered, approaching the panicked man with a calm gaze and gentle movements, "I'm involved with you, right? Aren't you the Union? The Party?"

    "The entire fucking landmass on legs?" Viktor interjected.

    "I'm already involved with the Party, they just don't know I exist yet. Besides, there is no place for a woman on your Committee. I'll be perfectly fine."

    "I just... don't want anything to happen to you." Ivan murmured.

    "Well, don't worry." [Name] said rather cheerfully, "Whatever you think is going to happen, it won't."

The general nodded and a small smile finally returned to his face. [Name] could well handle herself in the face of danger, and he knew that in the back of his mind, but he still worried greatly for her. Leo suddenly broke the calm with getting up and taking out the main course of the dinner, roasted chicken. Chicken was also difficult to get a hold of ever since the Collective Farms Stalin had started. It was a rather plump chicken for wartime, Ivan noted.

    "Where did you get that chicken?" He asked.

    "I know you like to eat as close to your people as you can, with the scrawny chickens, canned meat and limited luxuries, but I really wanted to go all in, so I bought this from a farmer for a large sum of ruble. I hope that's okay. I was going to purchase from America at first, actually, but I thought that it would be better to help the starving Russians out rather than Americans." She explained, going over to it and attempting to cut it.

[Name], as mentioned before, wasn't very good in the kitchen. It was the reason she brought over Viktor, Makar and Leo in the first place. Makar had an knack for cooking, while Leo learned to cook when his father wasn't home. Viktor was really the only one who didn't have any special training or know a lot about it, but he found out he had a pretty good talent for cooking he never tapped into, making him a valuable asset to [Name's] big cooking ball.

    "That's perfectly fine. I'm glad you've helped out some Russians in this time of need. I must say I'm shocked that any farmers had such chickens as these with them."

    "I had to scout untouched farms out to find this jewel." Makar boasted; he had a large grin on his face.

    "I see... you've put a lot of thought into this." Ivan smiled, "Then, we shall have a feast. All of the food is ready, yes?"

[Name] nodded.

    "Good, then! Let us set the table and eat, for this night may be the last night of peace for awhile yet."

I REALIZE I HAVENT EVEN DONE CHAPTER 2 OF THE OTHER FIC BUT LISTEN.... i was watching some stalin documentaries and learned some facts about him and it made me want to write this story that i thought about...

evidently my school starts tomorrow so i wont be getting either story's chapters out as fast but i will release the second chapter tomorrow 10000% confirmed

please fave or leave a comment if u like! i feed off of encouragement.

i feel i should leave this disclaimer here because some people might get ~~~offended~~~ (none have so far but) i'd like to say that im aware of the struggles faced in the ussr and im aware of the tragic loss of the soviet people in history so... lets make it clear im not mocking them or something.

i also want to say that MOST of this is factual. it's fictional in elements though, because stalin was probably meaner in real life with some situations and yadda yadda y'all know this.

i dont own aph russia
or stalin but i mean honestly who wants to own him lmao
you own urself... or ivan can idk B')c

miss a chapter?
find it here!

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chapter 4- here
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final chapter- here
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