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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Final Chapter
    The amount of people Ivan knew was staggering, as was the amount of soldiers willing to die for him. None spoke of the scene they saw cross their paths-- a frantic Sasha, a bloodied Shiveov and a disheveled Ivan. The Marshal quickly guided Shiveov outside to the car where the previous trio of Viktor, Leo and Makar were awaiting him. Makar rushed forward when he saw Shiveov stumble from the building clutched in Ivan's arms. He looked awfully pale. 
        "Shiveov needs to get to the dispensary at once." Ivan sternly stated.
        "I can tell. I can dress the wound--"
    Ivan shook his head. "This bullet hit a vein. Dressing it won't do anything but waste bandage. He needs pressure applied to it and taken to the hospital at once.
    Makar nodded and took Shiveov into the back of the truck, leaving Sasha and Ivan with Viktor and Leo. Ivan looked to Sasha, who still had
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War's Antidote | Chapter 3 [Ivan x Reader]
Seven days. Seven, short days. Ivan couldn't believe it. When he heard the news, he grew very, very pale. His mouth ran dry and his heart pounded. Seven days. Seven. The number kept replaying in his mind over and over again. He was ... paralyzed. 
    "But... why?" [Name] murmured to Luddy.
    "In Germany we... we do not... think of Soviets as humans." The German replied.
    "But I am right in front of you... and I am a human. We," she gestured to Ivan, who was still frozen in his thoughts, "are humans. I fail to understand."
    "The Fuhrer... he has strange ways of thinking. But we do not question him." 
    "You poisoned a human being because you failed to question your commander in chief. She now has seven days to live. You think... you think this is ACCEPTABLE?!" Ivan roared.
Luddy tensed up at the man's raised voice and looked to him like a lesser wolf looking at the Omega.
    "I wa
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    March 5th, 1942.
        Nothing is the same.
 Not since I got a real taste of the war. I do not sleep. I do not eat. I do not do anything. At the same time, I do eat. I do sleep. I do all those things. But they feel so empty. Meaningless. Solid objects and mental rest that is absolutely empty. Sometimes, all I can hear is shelling. Or explosives. Or men shouting direct orders. Or bullets around me as I run across the battlefield like a mouse scampering from a giant, terrifying cat. I try my best not to look at the comrades running beside me, because they often do not make it with me to the other side. Or cowering in the small remains of a forest. I swear I do not notice my own soiling of my uniform until my urine is cold. Today is one of those days. My mind is a mess. I am too awoke with sensory. Hell, even I find my writing is scrambled. For some odd reason my hands-- my trembling hands-- they will not wr
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Eight
[AN] im trying something new with my typing format for actions and speech, as well as timeskips/"meanwhile...". a really long blank space in between paragraphs is = to a "meanwhile..." thank you!        
        "What's that?!"
    Viktor, Ivan and Leo stood outside staring into the air as two parachutes came floating from the sky. They were too high up to see at the moment, and Leo couldn't find the binoculars to get a detailed scope on the two objects. They resembled people, sorta, but it was difficult to tell. With recent things that had happened to Leningrad, Ivan wouldn't be surprised to see two Nazi soldiers parachuting down to try and take over the crumbling mass of a once grand city. Ivan squinted when suddenly he heard a young voice: Makar.

        "Is... is that Makar?!" Leo yelped, tensing up.
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Seven
    "I am not going to ask you again."
    "Then don't."
The room was dark; she couldn't see anything around her but the bleak table and the disgusting face of her captor, Beria. He was mostly all talk and hot air, but if he decided to man up and use that gun he held, her secret would be exposed. She looked at him with a glare, trying to look around the room and judge her surroundings, but the light was only bright enough for them to see one another. Her hands were bound behind her in a very uncomfortable position, and the surrounding area was cold. The room smelt of dust and old newspaper, musty like a basement. [Name] couldn't place her surroundings at all. Her feet were bound too, except they were also held down by chains to the chair she sat in. She wasn't going anywhere for awhile.
    "What have you done with Sasha?!" Beria demanded for the one hundredth time. 
    "That is for me to know, and for yo
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Six
        'Dear Ivan ... Where do I begin? I have so many emotions that it is difficult for me to get them all across in this letter which is limited by my time. Firstly I suppose I should briefly address my extreme grief for the whole Leningrad situation. I hope that Makar is okay. I know this war is hard on someone so young such as he, where as you and I both are more experienced with this type of thing. Tell Viktor to run over some of those Nazi bastards with his tank for me. Tell Leo to lead the Second Division right across the line and hammer them for me. Tell Makar to throw some grenades in my stead, and, tell yourself to fight as if I'm right there beside you. ...Since this letter is so long already, I'll close now. I love you, Ivan. If you ever face an impossible situation, just remember that when you come back, I'll be right here waiting for you. With much, much love, [Name].'
Ivan stared at the paper that Makar had just handed him with
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Five
AN - Contains the "R" word (no, not russia). Mentions of sexual abuse. Slight cussing.

After the wild confrontation with Beria and his small but worthless crew, [Name] never ached for Ivan so badly - and it was only the first day. Shockingly, Stalin didn't send for her after all the commotion and she went about her day normally. But when she got done training her soldiers - and boy, she could have spent more time with them that day; they needed the help badly - she had Shiveov hold her plate for her and she marched right into Stalin's office. It was seven thirty at the time. As usual, she knocked on the door before entering, remembering both Stalin's and Ivan's words. She heard the same voice confirm that entry was acceptable, and then walked in - only to be confronted with a spooky scene.
Beria... with Stalin.
[Name] glared at him and gritted her teeth, her fists clenching and her anger returning to her. Stalin was rather elated by her anger - it meant she was more likely to d
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The Week | Ivan X Reader | Chapter Four
((theres strong language in this one a lot...just a warning. also, mentions of sexual abuse / force))
Somewhere in a German war room, the following speech was being told from the grand Fuhrer himself to a select few of his generals regarding Russian loss and German victory:
        "If I wanted to sum up the success of this campaign until now, then the number of prisoners now stands at approximately three point six million, that is, three million six hundred thousand prisoners. And please don’t tell me an English blockhead says that this has not been confirmed. If a German military officer counts something, then it is correct! There is an essential difference between a German officer and a British stockbroker! It is totally correct, just as our numbers for French and English prisoners were correct! The English know this quite well themselves because they always want to take care of their prisoners. Now, if I look at three point
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War's Antidote | Chapter 2 [Ivan x Reader]
    "Come on, Commander!" Luddy wheezed. The dramatically long list of requests Ivan had given him to earn his trust were just... impossible. But Ivan refused to let the German off easy. He had put his partner in crime out of commission for a bit, afterall. 
    "Maybe if you would not have trespassed on people's property, you wouldn't be here." Ivan retorted.
    "It wasn't my idea to come barging in on you!" He whined, "Please, I want to prove you can trust me, but I can't do all of these things."
    "I could, [Name] could, why can't you?"
    "Well, could anyone you know of lift up a Soviet truck for 5 minutes?!"
    'I could.' Ivan thought to himself, "No, but if you want my trust..."
    "What if I gave you some secret files and led you to the antidote?"
Ivan sat forward in his chair at the mention of the antidote. He figured this was a medicine easily put together wit
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Three
An hour had passed since [Name] and Shiveov had started looking for her things in the grand Kremlin, and to no avail had they found them. By now Shiveov had been told of the reason she was there as an officer and he felt bad for both Ivan and [Name]. It was a rather shitty situation they were forced into. And not being able to find her luggage was even more telling of just how bad this situation was. Stalin would have the person who misplaced them sent to the Gulags - there was no doubt about that.
    "What are we going to do?" [Name] sighed.
    "I do not know. This is bad. Whoever misplaced them will surely..." Shiveov trailed off in favor of not thinking too deeply about the punishment.
    "I know." [Name] replied, voice laced with worry. "I don't want to get anyone killed over some bags. It's just some clothing and like... one of Ivan's coats but otherwise nothing too special."
    "Well.. you still have... how many hours?"
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Their Story | Chapter One : Camp
'I'd always wanted to ride on a Russian style train. They say this has been in use ever since World War Two. I'm not sure if it's true or not - it's just what they say. There aren't really any indications that the statement is true. It's just what I hear. But the outside of the train has been redone multiple times for fixes, that I do know. I know it because this train is on a popular track in London. Newspapers tend to pick up when a popular train is currently out of order. Here I sit now, coming back from a trip to America. This train takes me back to my home - or at least close enough - and I can then take a taxi the rest of the way there. Or walk. I like to walk at night and ponder things. Night time has some sort of... surreal affect on a person that daytime seems to scare away. I'm not sure how to describe it except... mystifying.'
Thoughts like these filled the mind of Blanche West, traveler and detective. She'd just gotten back from handling a very tough case in America
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter Two
[Name's] Journal - Entry 1 - Sunday, November 8th, 1941
Today is the day that Ivan and I are going to be separate for the longest time in... well, forever. I don't know how well I'll fare, but I'm a soldier, so I have to keep myself composed at all times. And calm. I'll be living in close quarters with Stalin himself. Can't say I'm honored because I know how he treats people - which reminds me, I have to hide this journal - but I digress. I don't know why I can't just simply stay in Ivan's room. I guess it really is a test how well we both do apart. One thing I can say is that last night's affair was the softest love making I've had in awhile. A little weird to write in a journal no doubt, but it wasn't about the end goal, it was just really about being together. It was very sensual. I miss him already and he's still with me.
[Name] closed the journal as the car stopped at the Kremlin's doorsteps. Soft snowflakes fell from the sky and into the cold ground, stick
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The Week | Ivan x Reader | Chapter One
    "Comrade Ivan, Comrade Stalin would like to see you in his chambers."
The man stood from his old wooden desk and put his cap on, even if he were to remove it minutes later. He cut his lamp off and heaved a sigh, shutting his door almost all the way before going down the hall to his leader's chambers. Hard military men like him were often shaken to their core while dealing with their rather insane leader and he was no exception. Though he masked his fear well, even he was afraid of what Stalin might do next. He closed his eyes and looked down in a prayer before knocking on the door. 
    "Comrade Stalin, it is--"
    "Yes, yes. Come in, Comrade Ivan."
Ivan opened the door and shut it behind him, giving the soldiers that stood outside the door a gloomy gaze as the wooden door slowly shut and latched itself into place.
    "Comrade Stal--"
    "Please, Ivan, let us drop the formalities. Loosen up, y
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War's Antidote | Chapter 1 [Ivan x Reader]
March 20th, 1943. 
The winter was cold, the air dry and unforgiving. It felt like daggers on the sensitive facial skin even to those whom were used to the cold, harsh winters. The small and very old wood stove simply couldn't handle the harsh blizzard and thus was huddled around by the two inhabitants of the sorry excuse for a house they currently stayed in. One of these people was Ivan Braginsky, Marshal of the Soviet Union; the highest rank there was, (not counting Stalin's exclusive rank, which he kept denying to be officially.) The other was [F/N] [L/N], a Lieutenant of ground forces. In an effort to spy on the Nazi generals, a plan had been come up with to make a fake community of houses. In a line, small farm houses and farms would be placed to make it seem like the Germans were going across regular people. However, in the houses, there would be soldiers living there to report any activity they heard or saw. In the final stretch of this incognito operation, the soldiers woul
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the night is still young by Braginskey the night is still young :iconbraginskey:Braginskey 0 2 general design (sold) by Braginskey general design (sold) :iconbraginskey:Braginskey 0 0


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good shit g OO d shit
yoyoyo who want a christmas special feat. sasha and the gang


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stop THE sinning

names maria and im just a cat with some friends and sometimes aph russia

i use this account for literature tbh. my other account (art) is "estonias"....just.. *clutches chest* can't let this account go

current writing projects:

"War's Antidote" - Chapter 3/ ?? (chapter four not began)

"The Week" - Chapter 8/ 7 (as of 10/16/15- extended chapters: 1) (complete!!)

"Their Story" - Chapter 1/ ?? (chapter two in progress)

note: i've gotten away from hetalia, and yes, even ivan tbh. i can't ignore his overwhelming flaws anymore, and my take on his character is very different from his actual character, so this has made me really move away from him (and moving away from the fandom didn't help.) i'll OF COURSE still finish the fics i've started, as well as make more in the future. don't worry. but expect little mention of hetalia here from this point on. eventually i'll change my user name (at least on this account) but for now, it's here to stay. -maria <3



yoyoyo who want a christmas special feat. sasha and the gang


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