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[AN] im trying something new with my typing format for actions and speech, as well as timeskips/"meanwhile...". a really long blank space in between paragraphs is = to a "meanwhile..." thank you!        

        "What's that?!"

    Viktor, Ivan and Leo stood outside staring into the air as two parachutes came floating from the sky. They were too high up to see at the moment, and Leo couldn't find the binoculars to get a detailed scope on the two objects. They resembled people, sorta, but it was difficult to tell. With recent things that had happened to Leningrad, Ivan wouldn't be surprised to see two Nazi soldiers parachuting down to try and take over the crumbling mass of a once grand city. Ivan squinted when suddenly he heard a young voice: Makar.


        "Is... is that Makar?!" Leo yelped, tensing up.

        "Sure looks like it." Ivan remarked, clenching his teeth. Why was Makar parachuting from the sky? And where was Leonid? As the pair of objects lowered, the Marshal could more clearly see a pale Luneth attached to Makar and another shaken soldier.

        "Why are they floating from the sky like that?" Viktor growled, "Did they escape from Nazis?!"

        "Where's Leonid...?" Leo questioned, looking around frantically for the pilot. 

    Makar, Luneth and the driver-- Alexey, all hit the ground soon enough, Luneth freeing himself from the harness and stumbling forward until he hit the ground with his knees. Viktor was the first to reach the parachuting trio. He glanced to Makar with great concern, though those who didn't know him would mistake it for anger.

        "What the FUCK happened?! You were supposed to deliver the letter to STALIN and that RETURN HERE SAFELY!" He roared. Makar, out of breath from the experience, was unable to speak, but a shaky Luneth answered for him instead.

        "G-gah... It's.... It's [Name]. She... Beria... Beria captured her. He's holding her somewhere until he finds Sasha.... but we hid Sasha in the secret underground bunker... under Ivan's room... Shiveov... there with.... her..." He panted, trying not to get sick yet again. Viktor's eyes widened with fear-- suddenly he was forcefully shoved to the side when Luneth and Makar were met with a now frantic Marshal. The raw fear was evident in his eyes and shaky movements. He looked like he was glitching out.

        "W-what?" He stammered, "Beria has... [Name] hostage...?

        "Yes... sir... I tried to get Stalin to understand, to reason with h--"

        "YOU TRIED TO REASON WITH STALIN?!" Ivan screeched, staring into Luneth's young, weary eyes. The soldier gulped.

        "W-well... yeah... It seemed like the only r-reasonable thing to do at the t-time... But when he refused to l-listen to me... I... I ran o-off and he sent soldiers after me..."

    Finally catching his breath, Makar looked to Ivan now, taking up the story, "Yeah. He ran into me after sliding down the main stair rail to escape them. He said it was a very important matter and... I trusted him not to throw away our lives for something trivial. I'm glad I made the choice I did. They chased us to the airport, and then they sent a fighter jet after us! Our own people... chasing US!"

    Leo looked at him frowning, "And... Leonid...?"

        "He gave us one of his two parachutes and told us to escape... he mentioned something about giving you his regards and sorrows..." Makar whispered.

    Ivan looked solemnly to the ground, closing his eyes, hissing into the air as he felt tears overwhelm him, "I'm so, so sorry... Leonid..."

    Makar heaved a sigh, and Leo opened his mouth to speak, when-- CRASH!!

        "NO! LEONID!" Viktor screeched, whipping to the direction of a loud explosion. Ivan felt his heart sink while Leo stared on in that direction, tears welling in his blue eyes. 

        "That... could have been the fighter jet." Alexey suddenly spoke, trying to break the depression among the group. 

    Ivan looked to him with a small, pained smile, raising a hand to place on his comrade's arm.

        "Thank you... for the false confidence. For now," He shook his emotions, "he need to get back to the Kremlin, save [Name], destroy Beria, and put Stalin back in as much order as he was in when we left. But this time... I'm not leaving [Name] behind." 

        "But, Ivan," Viktor glanced to him, "we can't just abandon our post. That's a crime." 

        "And I'm the lawmaker, last time I checked." Ivan growled, though his anger wasn't directed to his friend, "In this army, I am the Judge, Jury and Executioner. If I need to change my own post, then so be it. I have that power."

        "Who is going to replace us?" Makar asked.

        "I have backup generals here currently. Stalin sent more for... whatever reason. I was going to spread them out among our fronts, but we need them here. I'll go tell them the new plan-- do we have a way back to Moscow?"

        "Leopolt is a pilot here." Leo pointed out. Ivan stopped and stared at him.

        "You're a Leo, Leonid was a Leo, now Leopolt? Are there any other 'Leos' I should know about?" 

        "Probably. It's a popular name here. I mean, look who's talking, 'Ivan'. How many people named 'Ivan' can I count? I'm gonna need more hands."

        "At least 'Leo' isn't the go-to term for a Russian soldier." Viktor teased.

        "At least I wasn't named 'Viktor'." Ivan remarked. Viktor glared at him while Ivan grinned, strolling past.

        "Alright, Makar, Luneth-- You two go with Leo and Viktor to the plane. Make sure we have ample parachutes, please... I don't wanna have to do that ordeal again." Ivan groaned, "Sometimes my back still hurts."

        "Wait-- what about my tank? And, Leo's army?"

        "They need to stay here for the other remaining soldiers. I promise when we get back, if your tank is gone, I'll get you a new one." Ivan replied, jogging away now.

    Alexey looked to Makar, Luneth, Viktor and Leo, nodding, "And, for at this point, I bid you farewell." 
        "Where are you going?!" Makar yelped.

        "Fighting for Leningrad. You said it yourself-- either meet my maker here or there. I'd rather die here than in a safe city." 

        "But, if you came with us... maybe we could keep you in Moscow--" Alexey stopped Leo right there, shaking his head, "No.. I would much rather... die here. Than there. Even if you do protect me... you will leave, and I will be killed another way. Or I'll drag us all down the path of Hell. And that's not going to happen. Besides... Ivan needs all the help he can get. Just get to the plane. I'll do what I can here. ...Good luck. Give [Name] and Ivan my regards."

    With that, much to Makar's dismay, the driver ran off toward the other soldiers to gear up. The young messenger boy shook his head, sighing. He turned toward the hangar now, on the far side of the camp and led the team of soldiers toward one of their classic "throwaway planes", or rather, gliders. Inside was young pilot Leopolt. He was actually awoken from his nap by the explosion and now turned with alarm to the unit, who was entering the plane.

        "What was that?!" He demanded.

        "Leonid's plane..." Viktor sighed.

        "Leonid... my mentor..." Leopolt shuddered.

        "I wish there were time to mourn his death, but we have to get back to Moscow stat. And, uh... we might get attacked by our own." Makar frowned.

        "Our own? Have they gone MAD?!

        "Ah... kinda. It's a really long story that we don't have time to delve into right now, but long story short, Moscow is crumbling to its knees and Ivan has to get there quickly to make it stop."

    The pilot nodded, not asking anymore. He nervously awaited until Ivan arrived which was pretty soon after the others got settled in their seats. Ivan looked to the pilot with hard, serious eyes.

        "Make for Moscow-- posthaste."

        "So... how long is this gonna take? I have an army to go train." 

        "If you would tell me where she is, this would not take long. But you absolutely REFUSE to tell me."  Beria growled.

        "As I said before, I have nothing. Why don't you go ask a detective? You have a better bet giving no evidence to a professional who knows what to do with no evidence than me." [Name] retorted.

    As confident as she sounded, she was just trying to buy time. If Beria kept this up, it wouldn't be long before he shot her. [Name] squirmed in her seat, trying to get him to let her go for a bathroom break. 

        "Hey, Beria, if you don't let me go, I'm kinda gonna piss my pants. So. If we could just... get that key..."

        "And what-- I unlock you, you beat me up, and my guards, and run off to find Ivan? That is not gonna happen, sweets." 

        "What, are you... afraid of the Marshal?" [Name] purred, "Because... as soon as word gets around that I'm missing-- which, it will-- he'll be here in a heartbeat to kick your ass."

    Beria glared at her, then shoved the sack back over her head.

        "Be quiet. Because, if you don't, I'm going to pull this god damned trigger and fucking end this.

        "... They are above us." 

        "H-huh?" A small voice replied.

        "Beria's guards. They have finally found Ivan's room to be of use. It is only a matter of time before they open that door..."

        "H-how can you hear them?" Sasha whispered.

        "They are very loud and obnoxious. They could wake the dead." He hissed.

        "... If... if they do, in fact, find us, what do we do...?"

        "... Fight like hell. Fight... until we die. Death would surely be a reward in comparison to what Beria has done to you." Shiveov stated.

        "Yeah... it would. But... what about [Name]? And Ivan? Will they be okay?!"

        "Our deaths will throw them into emotional turmoil... but it won't endanger their lives. They'll be fine, even if we perish under a hail-fire of bullets."

    Sasha nodded, her hand clenching around her revolver. She looked back at the colorful room, imagining the scent from the lavender letters Ivan would send his love. Her mind flashed the words put into those letters, and how [Name] had shared that same love with her, even if it were just a little bit. She looked back to Shiveov, smiling weakly.

        "Then we shall fight until we lie dead on this ground."


"This plane is awfully loud. Is it broken?" 

        "No, believe it or not. But I think the loud noise means we're almost out of fuel. Which is not good. However we should be approaching Moscow soon."

        "I hope so. At this rate, they'll hear us coming." Ivan sighed.

        "Like they didn't expect us before?" Viktor questioned.

        "No... they probably did." 

    As Leopolt lowered them to the ground, Ivan could see some uniformed soldiers standing outside, though they didn't seem interested in the incoming plane. They waved it down onto the runway like normal, and for a split second, tensions seemed to melt into nothingness. Ivan was the first from the plane, should any of the soldiers have order to shoot the first one out. They instead saluted his presence and looked to him with worried eyes. A soldier roughly Ivan's age stepped up to him, still saluting. Ivan nodded his arm down and waited for him to speak.

        "Marshal Sir. Glad to see you home safely. How is Leningrad?"

        "...Don't get your hopes up for it's lasting." Ivan murmured. The soldier looked down, then briskly nodded.

        "I bring grave news, sir. We have-- my soldiers and I-- heard and have heard others report multiple accounts of yelling and screaming down in the basement."

        "The basement... I see."

        "The screaming is consistent with Beria and... we believe, [Name]. Soldiers she was training were able to identify the voice as hers."

        "I... see. Thank you. I will go there at once."

    Suddenly, a panicked soldier burst from the double doors of the airport, panting heavily. Ivan jerked his head up at once, looking to the soldier.

        "The...there's been some sort of attack at the Kremlin! Everyone is in a panic!"

    Ivan groaned, but swiftly toward his unit, exiting out of the plane at this point. 

        "Something's happened at the Kremlin. We need to get a car there fast and restore order before it gets worse."

    As they raced out of the airport and into a soldier commute truck, Viktor looked to Ivan with an eyebrow raised.

        "What about securing [Name] first? What happened to that plan?"

        "Something tells me this attack is directly related to her disappearance. Either the soldiers have rebelled, or... or Sasha is in graver danger than we thought."

    Viktor nodded and solemnly looked ahead, narrowing his eyes at the road. He gripped his rifle close to him as he watched Leo and Makar do the same. Ivan simply sat in the car, staring ahead-- though he didn't seem focused on any one thing. Perhaps he was looking out into space, trying to make some sense of this situation. All of this... over a girl. Viktor wondered if Ivan regretted it. He'd gone through trouble for years just to court her around-- and now this? Would he really go through this hell again for her if he had to do it over? Or would he just settle for the distributed quarterly women? While he debated on this, the car suddenly screeched to a halt as Ivan scrambled for the first door out. He leaped from the truck and took his rifle from his shoulder, tightly gripping it in his hands. He rushed up the steps toward the Kremlin and burst inside, using his shoulder a barrage for the door. He looked around and saw... nothing that would be deemed as "panic worthy". He actually looked like the most panicked person in the main room. Several soldiers looked at him and tried to greet him, but he was too locked in his own plan of action to notice. The Marshal ran upstairs and into his room where he saw the bunker cover had been removed. Very, very faintly and muffled, he could hear screams coming from the bunker. He grit his teeth and literally JUMPED into the extremely long, narrow hole. Before he hit bottom, he grabbed the ladder once to ensure he didn't break any bones in his rush to save those he cared about. In the narrow corridor before the bunker, there was a unit of three soldiers all staring something down hard-- that's when he saw Shiveov shaking, barely holding onto his rifle, clinging to a wounded arm. Before him lay a dead man of the enemy's force. And, behind him, was a very scared, distressed Sasha. 

        "Shiveov!" She screamed again.

        "It.... it is just a flesh wound." He managed. But the blood never stopped seeping from his wound. It hit some sort of vein and he knew it.

        "Give up the girl. You may have downed one of us... but you are heavily injured. Any more waiting and you could bleed out."

        "J-just let them take me!" Sasha wailed.

        "No! I did not get shot in the arm just to lose like this! They will kill me anyway. If they are going to do it, they may as well do it now..." 

    The man that stood in front of Shiveov lifted his hand, which held an officer's pistol-- the reliable and fairly new TT pistol. Shiveov stared into and down it's barrel, seeing nothing but darkness. 

            'Probably what death is anyway.' Shiveov thought to himself.

    Shiveov looked up at the Russian officer, blanking once in a slow, uncaring manner.

        "Do your worst, you traitor."



    The man fell over, dropping his gun onto the floor, first to his knees, then face first in front of Sasha. Shiveov opened his eyes to see the man who was just about to kill him on the floor, his expired body laying still. The soldier's eyes widened and Ivan smiled proudly from behind as Sasha had successfully shot the man who threatened her friend. She stared with wild eyes at the other two remaining soldiers, clutching her revolver.

        "You will not PASS!"

        "No, they won't!" 

    From behind, Ivan quickly used the butt of his rifle to hit the other two officers in the back of their heads, strong enough to knock them out. He then got to Shiveov and Sasha, who still seemed in her manic episode-- until she saw Ivan. Her gaze softened and she began to weep again, dropping down to Shiveov and hugging him tightly. He winced as her arms clasped around his wound, but he did enjoy the familiar presence. He looked up to Ivan, who worriedly stood above them with his right hand at his side, and his left holding the barrel of his rifle.

        "Have you heard reports of the basement screaming?"

        "No, but I think I know what that screaming is..."

        "Yeah, so do the soldiers who reported it. They can confirm it's Beria and [Name]. I would say stay here, but, uh, those two aren't dead..."

        "It is not safe for Sasha above ground either." Shiveov pointed out, glancing to his wound nervously.

        "Well you'll bleed out down here. So let's go. Do you need help?"

        "No I... I can manage."

        "I'll stay behind you in case you fall. Sasha you go first." Ivan instructed.

    Sasha nodded, quickly climbing up the ladder and out into Ivan's room, where she hid in the other half of the closet until the other two men arrived. She looked at them wearily, nodding her head to the door. All seemed calm, but Ivan could then hear Stalin talking outside of his room. Ivan closed the hatch of the bunker, leaving the two unconscious men down, and covered it up in case he should walk into the room for some sort of odd inspection. Stalin returned to his quarters, leaving Ivan and his new group to escape to a medic and then off to find [Name]...

hi and welcome to "maria can't decide how to write shit", featuring this chapter, chapter eight.
this chapter was actually going to be a super long conclusive chapter bc i need to work on war's antidote and also "their story" so i did wanna wrap this up in a chapter, but alas the writing was starting to look choppy and i really wanted to get this out today before my writing muse runs away so i decided to chop it in another chapter and stop writing for today and recharge.
i also realized that the way i used to indent my writing was a+ and thus went back to it.

1) why are all the pilot names beginning with leo??
2) shiveov / sasha new ship 2016, except idk if i want to do that or not
3) b e r i a p l e a s e
4) THERE HE IS!!!!! ITS IVAN!!!! (CLAPS!!!)

hope you enjoyed the chapter!!!!
fave/leave a comment if you enjoyed  ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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