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AN - Contains the "R" word (no, not russia). Mentions of sexual abuse. Slight cussing.

After the wild confrontation with Beria and his small but worthless crew, [Name] never ached for Ivan so badly - and it was only the first day. Shockingly, Stalin didn't send for her after all the commotion and she went about her day normally. But when she got done training her soldiers - and boy, she could have spent more time with them that day; they needed the help badly - she had Shiveov hold her plate for her and she marched right into Stalin's office. It was seven thirty at the time. As usual, she knocked on the door before entering, remembering both Stalin's and Ivan's words. She heard the same voice confirm that entry was acceptable, and then walked in - only to be confronted with a spooky scene.

Beria... with Stalin.

[Name] glared at him and gritted her teeth, her fists clenching and her anger returning to her. Stalin was rather elated by her anger - it meant she was more likely to disobey orders.

    "Ah, Comrade [Name]. We were just discussing you."

    "I'm sure." [Name] hissed.

    "I have heard the story of the kitchen battle from many people. Beria has come to me to file a complaint about your actions. Complaints are not taken lightly..."

    "Well, then, I want to file a complaint about him." 

    "She is...she is a WITCH, Comrade Stalin!" Beria exclaimed.

    "And you're a saint?!" The angered soldier challenged.

    "You do not talk to your superiors that way!" Beria roared.

    "YOU are not my superior! Leaders who are in control of other people are supposed to have honor and be respected! You have no honor and I refuse to respect you."

    "Please, please... we can settle this in a calmly manner..." Stalin uttered, "Sit down. Both of you."

Begrudgingly, [Name] sat down next to Beria, and Beria sat down next to [Name]. The chairs creaked under their weight, but did not give. Stalin lit up his pipe and looked to them both, eyebrow raised and hands tangled together. He took in a breath, and then spoke.

    "Beria, please tell me your side of the story."

    "I was minding my own business, checking up on the kitchen workers. I saw [Name] and introduced myself, shook hands, and went to retrieve my very good comrade, Sasha. That's when [Name] called me a sick bastard and the fight began! I nearly lost my life." 

    "I see... [Name]--"

    "You're gonna BELIEVE that fake?! He came in the kitchen, insulted all of the workers, then tried to get poor Sasha to abuse her for his own pleasure. I saw his intent well before he knew that I did and I successfully stopped him. That is all."

    "Sasha again..." Stalin muttered under his breath - only [Name] heard him. "Well, [Name], the next time you see Beria looking for his friend, you should probably leave him alone."

    "Yeah, because next time, I'm going to personally mow you down." Beria hissed.

    "Don't worry, old man, there won't be a next time." [Name] threatened. Her voice was eerily calm.

Beria was excused from the room - [Name] was sure that if he was able, he was going to go obtain Sasha and take his anger out on her. She looked to Stalin with fury in her eyes.

    "He tries to rape a girl and I'M the one who is in the wrong? Is the Union really this backward?" 

Stalin was quiet.

    "Come on! You know what he's doing to that girl," [Name] stood up, looking behind her and yanking a frame from a table. The picture was of a young girl on Stalin's knee. His daughter. "You want him to do that to your daughter?! I bet he would! I bet he would in a heartbeat!"

    "Do not bring my daughter into this!" Stalin yelled, "I already KNOW about Beria and his... 'hobby'." 

    "And? Are you doing nothing about it?"

    "It does not affect me, and it does not appear to affect his work. So... in fact, I think he may be worse off without it."

    "If it's sex he wants, he can easily go to the corne-- wait, what? Did you say... his work quality might go down if he DOESN'T do this? DO YOU EVEN HEAR YOURSELF?!" 

    "What? What are you rambling on about now?"

[Name] was going to scream, she was going to yank out her hair - this was too much. 

    "Do you realize why I'm even HERE?! Because YOU sent away your TOP GENERAL because YOU think him being with ME is a BAD THING and will 'AFFECT HIS WORK ETHIC'!!" [Name] hollered. She slammed her hands on the wooden desk to prove her point. 

    "It might. Your anger issues may prove hardship in the home. Something I cannot afford." 

    "... I'm so angry, I have no words." 

    "Well, while you have no words, you can give me your fingerprints."

    "Wait what? What do you want now?"

    "You are a commander of the army now. You need a security clearance." 

    "Ugh. Fine." 

[Name] gave her fingerprints for him, signed some papers that were translated to English (how kind...) and was soon given a Bible. She was shocked Stalin's hand didn't instantly burn upon touching it. [Name] swore an oath now, and then... boom. Had her security clearance. Of course... Ivan had been telling her top secret things for a long time now, but nevertheless, at least she was authorized by the Government to hear it now.

    "Stalin... are you seriously not going to do anything about Beria?"

    "Not in the near future." He said, blowing smoke from his mouth.

    "Fine," [Name] said, standing up and turning to leave, "then I will handle it."

    "[Name] Braginsky, you'd better not do anything to him!" 


With that, she walked from his office. Stalin grinned - he liked [Name] because she was a lot like Ivan. She was too good for this job. She would be quite a challenge.

The next few days went by like a blur - there were no great showdowns between Stalin, [Name] or Beria. Though complaints of loud screaming were reported, nothing else was out of place. And then, [Name] got wind of the situation that happened at Leningrad. She poured her heart out in a letter that she planned on sending to Ivan at once. Not trusting the regular Soviet post system, she personally gave her letter to the mail boy and entrusted him to deliver the letter. As she wished the mail boy goodbye and turned back around to enter the Kremlin, she saw a horrifying scene. Sasha was racing toward her with blood coming down from her face, arms, and she was in rags. [Name's] eyes widened as she came toward her; she opened her arms for the poor girl and gave her a protective hug. The battered and bruised girl sobbed hard into [Name's] arms.

    "P-please help me!"

    "I've got you... No one is going to hurt you." [Name] uttered.

Not surprisingly, Beria was right behind the battered girl with a pistol at his side. It was larger than the last; he'd upped his caliber. [Name] wouldn't be stopped by his higher choice of weapon. She wouldn't be stopped by even a tank. He narrowed his eyes at Sasha, then [Name]. She saw hatred burning in his eyes.

    "You." He hissed.

    "I could say the same for you. I can't believe they missed such a large piece of garbage this morning. The trash carriers should get their eyes checked."

Beria grit his teeth.

    "Give me my prize."

    "'Prize?!' She isn't your object!"

    "If you refuse to listen to me, then I'll have to get my guards to get her. And they won't leave you untouched."

    "I'll take them down as I did before. This time, though, I'll kill y--"



[Name's] eyes went wide as she felt the pain absorb itself into her body. A trembling hand went up to her chest -- she'd been shot right through the heart. He started laughing wildly as [Name] dropped to her knees.

    "I killed her! The witch is gone!"

    "[NAME!] GET UP! PLEASE!" Sasha screamed. Beria began to walk closer.

[Name] wanted to pass out. She wanted to lay down and let the darkness take her over. But no-- Sasha was right behind her and begging for her help. [Name] grunted and pushed herself up from the ground. Blood kept pouring from her wound, but she didn't care. Beria was stunned at her albeit, slow but certain recovery. [Name] growled and from her side pulled out her pistol. Well, technically, Ivan's -- she'd gotten it from his room after the kitchen incident. It was heavy in her weakening hand, but she had to ward him off. He stepped back as he saw the pistol; a TT-33. He began to backtrack in utter fear of what this woman had survived so far-- how could any normal human survive with all that blood oozing from such a wound?! [Name], whose vision was hazing, let out two blasts from it before her arm could no longer keep up with her weakening body. With her body currently running without a heart to pump blood, it was working quickly to repair itself thus causing her to weaken at a fast rate. Before she saw darkness, she watched the leader drop to the ground as his leg had been shot during his hasty retreat. [Name] collapsed on the ground as she heard soldiers rushing outside to the scene. The last thing she heard was Shiveov yelling her name in distress...




    "Comrade Stalin." 


    "[Name] is stable. We do not know how she survived. The bullet was recovered... it would appear to have went right through her heart, sir."

Stalin couldn't say he was surprised in a long term sense. 

    "I see. Very well. If she is not needing you anymore, you are free to go."

    "Of course."

[Name] waited until the doctor left to start breathing regularly again. She had previously been holding her breath to her their conversation completely. Plus - her wound would heal faster if she acted normal. She didn't need the doctor questioning her personally. Stalin looked over to her with a glance as she started to breathe normally. He shook his head and wandered over to her, his pipe between his lips and a hand behind his back.

    "... When were you planning on telling me?"

    "I don't have to tell you shit." [Name] retorted.

Stalin was more amused than anything, so he chuckled in reply.

    "Really, [Name]. When were you going to tell me?"

    "I wasn't planning on it, Comrade. Neither was Ivan. It was done in secret, and it was supposed to be kept a secret. Ivan said that, if you knew," [Name] grunted and shifted uncomfortably. "that you would enlist me for the Party."

    "I cannot say it is not tempting." Stalin mused.

    "... Do you understand now? That Ivan is fine with me?"

Honestly, Stalin never doubted [Name] helped Ivan cope. Just because after they met, according to the timeline of their relationship, he had done better work than before. But he wanted to see how Ivan would do without [Name], since before he figured that she was a mortal human. But after this, there was no doubt she was immortal, like Ivan. However; Stalin hated to admit he was wrong. Stalin also happened to be a bad liar. He looked at [Name] with a stern look.

    "There are three more days left for me to decide that on my own."

    "You're a terrible liar." [Name] growled.

    "... So be it then." 

    "You realize that Beria is going to be after me and Sasha for the next few days?" [Name] asked.

    "I do. For now, Sasha is safe - she's being guarded by some of your friends around the clock."

    "Good." [Name] got up; her body was very, very sore, but she could manage. The bullet hole had closed, and her heart had repaired itself in a matter of hours. She could do things again.

    "Where are you going?"

    "To my room. I'm able again. And I'm going to make sure Beria doesn't get his grubby hands on Sasha again."

    "You only shot his leg. He can still technically walk around."

    "I can beat up someone with a dead leg." [Name] retorted.

With that, she left Stalin's room and returned to her own. Much to her surprise, Sasha sat there in a uniform; she was shocked to see [Name] up again.

    "[N-Name!] Your wounds!"

    "I don't have time to explain now... but you're going to be watched over by me and my comrades for a few days, alright?"

Sasha hesitated, but nodded finally. [Name] had saved her twice and seemed invincible - she had to trust her.

    "Good. Now then... it's time for dinner. Come on."

rolls in like a month later
what's good fam???

i'm back with the latest chapter of everyone's favorite series. ....okay that was a bit of a stretch. 
THIS edition is the "extended editing" version, something i should have done a long time ago -  spend time of one day editing. no writing, just editing.
i hope this new method of editing ive adopted will make my stories even better.

i dont own ivan. or you. or beria/stalin. 

let me know how u like it!

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LadyXantila Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
I know it's a serious part of the story, but when I imagined Beria saying "I was minding my own business" I simply burst of laughing. But that's not a criticism, right the opposite, I enjoy your story very much. Although perhaps [Name] seeming a bit op to me, but I believe that would be solved later.
PrincessJo5 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Bunzabab Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015
I absolutely love this story! It's really difficult to imagine this is pretty-much just a fanmade story! There's a ton of great details in this and your work is amazing!! These are one of those rare hard to find things that make me feel actually worried for characters and anxious about what's going to happen next. You really put a lot of heart into this, and I like how you even included Stalin and a historical feel. Can't wait for the next update if you plan on continuing this!
Braginskey Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Student General Artist

Your comment means a lot! It's rare that I got comments at all, let alone one of this depth. It really means a lot! I'm so glad you love the series. I totally plan on continuing it! I would have gotten more of the next chapter done today but DA refuses to work on my laptop rip...

Anyway, thank you for the comment! It really means a lot!! <3
Bunzabab Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
Haha, I'm glad it's not just me that Deviantart tends to glitch on. Your super welcome though, I love your work! <3
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YES CHAPTER FIVE! I'm so happy!

I found your series last week but i wasn't logged onto my account when i was reading it so i couldn't favorite it or anything, and i was afraid that i'd never find it again.  

Thank you, this fic is amazing!
Braginskey Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Student General Artist


i'm glad you like it! i was afraid to the more sensitive material would drive people away, but it seems not to have an affect.
chapter six is already in my drafts and in the wings! look for it soon!
TheEffervecentMe Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I can't wait!
ilovemyfuckingmoney Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
This is great! Pls continue
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thank you! and you betcha B)
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