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[Name's] Journal - Entry 1 - Sunday, November 8th, 1941

Today is the day that Ivan and I are going to be separate for the longest time in... well, forever. I don't know how well I'll fare, but I'm a soldier, so I have to keep myself composed at all times. And calm. I'll be living in close quarters with Stalin himself. Can't say I'm honored because I know how he treats people - which reminds me, I have to hide this journal - but I digress. I don't know why I can't just simply stay in Ivan's room. I guess it really is a test how well we both do apart. One thing I can say is that last night's affair was the softest love making I've had in awhile. A little weird to write in a journal no doubt, but it wasn't about the end goal, it was just really about being together. It was very sensual. I miss him already and he's still with me.

[Name] closed the journal as the car stopped at the Kremlin's doorsteps. Soft snowflakes fell from the sky and into the cold ground, sticking to most of it. The air was dry, though it didn't feel like a knife through the skin since the wind was unmoving outside. Utterly still... yet the weatherman predicted it to be a little windy. If he worked for Stalin, well... he was dead by now for making a wrong prediction. She looked up at the now daunting Kremlin in front of her eyes. Ivan clutched her hand in his, taking a deep sigh. Viktor and the two other comrades were right behind the couple. They stayed silent, making the mood even more eerie.

    "Here we are." Ivan spoke softly.

    "This palace is grand but... terrifying." [Name] uttered.

    "Welcome to being a true Party member. Even the hardy and mystical looking castles seem to hold the darkest of bloodied hands behind their amazing exterior." Viktor growled.

    "Ah, well," Leo sighed, "Let's get on with it. The sooner this week begins the sooner it will end."

Ivan nodded in silent agreement and then made his way up the steps, still clutching [Name's] hand. As they ascended the steps, he found himself gripping her hand tighter, as if holding her with a death grip would make her stay with him. He could feel his emotions stirring, just like they had last night when he wept openly with [Name]. But, crying in front of Stalin was... well, Ivan wasn't sure what would happen but he wasn't willing to find out either. Atop the steps, surprisingly, was the Commander in Chief himself, smoking his pipe. He had a smile on his face that appeared open and warming. Unsurprisingly, [Name] was actually taller than the 5'5" man. When the couple reached him, they shook hands.

    "Ah, Comrade [Name]. I am glad to finally meet you up close and personal."

    "Yes, and you too Comrade Stalin."

    "I assume Ivan has briefed you on everything you need to know?"

    "Yes, sir."

The man laughed and smiled once more. There was a glint in his eye that gave away his true self, though only Ivan seemed to notice.

    "Come on, then. It is rather chilling. Settle your things with Ivan, and then you two come see me in my chambers."

[Name] nodded and with Ivan falling right in her footsteps, the two and their friends went into the majestic Kremlin. Ivan left [Name's] belongings with Leo and led her to Stalin's chambers. When they reached the C-in-C's door, [Name] almost opened it without knocking, but luckily Ivan stopped her in time.

    "Don't! ...That is liable to get you killed."

    "He knows we're coming up though!" [Name] hissed.

    "Doesn't matter. Stalin would shoot a cat for not knocking on his door. Always knock on Stalin's door."

[Name] nodded slowly and finally began to see the danger that surrounded Stalin. This was creepy as hell. You couldn't even walk in the man's room without him shooting you, apparently. Even when he expected you! She shook her head and gulped a little.

           Knock knock!

       "...Come in."

[Name] walked into the dictator's office to find... surprisingly old, antique furniture. But as one might expect, the room was dark. The windows were blocked by very dark, thick, brown curtains. They had sheer white curtains over them though, which gave them a sense of elegance. The light source was a mere lamp on Stalin's desk. He sat behind his desk in waiting for the two. The ominous feel of the room even sent chills up Ivan's spine. He shuddered at the thought of [Name] being close to this dark, dim room. Stalin looked up from his papers and stood up, smiling at the two once more.

    "Please, sit." He spoke.

The couple in front of him nodded and sat down, both eager to escape the dismal room and it's occupant. The old wooden chairs creaked under the weight of them both; [Name] could feel her palms breaking out in a sweat, afraid she would break the chair and enrage the leader before her.

    "Ivan, first news for you. Here is the map of your land, and a map for strategic purposes. There is a train waiting at the secret station. The car will take you there when you leave in a few moments. And, [Name], here is something for you."

That's when Ivan's blood ran cold. His eyes widened slightly and he broke out into a cold sweat. He watched in fear as his leader handed [Name] a Russian military uniform. Strangely enough it was the officer's uniform (officers oft got better treatments than just regular soldiers), but nevertheless it creeped Ivan out. Just what were the old man's intentions for [Name]?

    "You will be wearing his while you are here. I hope it fits. If it does not, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will have one of the women fetch you another."

    "Of course, Comrade Sta--"

    "Please... do not feel you must use formalities in this office."

    "Of course." [Name] hastily replied.

    "...Are there to be any questions? Thought, or concerns?"

    "No." Both replied.

    "So be it then! You are dismissed so that you may wish each other good luck on their mission. [Name], when Ivan is gone please come into my office again. I need to give you your room, and then we shall move on to your duties."

    "Yes, comrade."

Ivan escorted [Name] out of the room at once and quickly shut the door behind him. He looked to her and frowned.

    "[Name]... are you sure you're going to be alright?"

    "Yes, of course. Stalin is..." She whispered now, "Terrifying... But I will manage. You are the one who must make sure that you don't screw up."

    "I know... Well, Stalin doesn't like long goodbyes. I'd better leave." He kissed her softly, taking in her scent and the softness of her own lips, "Goodbye, sunflower." He murmured, hugging her one last time before walking solemnly down the stairs.

    "Goodbye, Ivan, my love..." [Name] murmured to him, watching him disappear down the stairs.

She turned around now and knocked on the door in which she'd just came. As she was welcomed in, Ivan watched secretly from the landing at the middle of the staircase. And that, was the last he saw of her...


    "Good morning, Comrade [Name]." Stalin rumbled, giving her yet another empty smile, "I would like to think Ivan has taught you etiquette in the Party, but I will go over it anyway to make sure your understanding is clear. When coming to my room, you must always knock. I will not shoot you if you do not, everyone makes simple mistakes. But... my fine officers only make a mistake once. That is why they are my pride and joy. They are near perfect beings." He boasted.

    "Of course."

    "Officers that are stationed here are fed here. The mealtimes will be noted in the Kremlin with a bell. Any other place, you will have to monitor the time yourself and either return when mealtime begins, or buy your own meal elsewhere. And, of course, I will pay you for your services. Ah... when going into a senior officer's room, it is customary to remove your hat. You must always wear your uniform."

    "Comrade Stalin, I have a question, if I am not interrupting."

    "Of course. Ask away."

    "Do we have to wear the uniforms even when going to sleep?"

    "Yes. At no time except during showers should your uniform be off. Your room's closet has multiple uniforms and boots for whatever you would need them for. Of course shoes and coats may be removed for sleeping, but nothing else. Continuing on... You may, of course, feel free to walk around the Kremlin at night. Please, however, be aware that the floors are very old. They creak very much. I ask that you step lightly, and make sure you have enough time to get enough sleep for yourself. Feel free to visit Ivan's room if you wish. I will not be having any company during the night, starting at midnight unless I call you. I will have company again at eight o'clock the following day. The kitchen is always open, though keep in mind that food is not to be wasted and doing so is reason for punishment."

    "Yes, sir. I will not waste any food, nor disturb your sleep."

    "Of course. I trust you completely." Stalin mused, "...I think that is all. Take your uniform to your quarters, which can be found next door. There is a door that connects our rooms, but fear not. I will not be coming through it until there is a need, and, I will always knock first. You have two hours to get settled, adjust to your surroundings and whatnot. Your belongings should be in your room by now. If they're not, let me know and they will find themselves there quickly."

[Name] bowed to him quickly in understanding and with that, slowly closed his door. She walked into her quarters and, much to her dismay, found that her belongings were not there. Her widened her eyes, well knowing what Stalin was liable to do for such a small mistake. Deciding not to listen to what he said, she changed into her uniform (which fit perfectly) and headed down stairs on a mission to find her belongings. Heading down the stairs, she cruised down them easily as if she'd lived here all her life. Due to Ivan bringing home work buddies, [Name] knew some of the other men who worked here. The first man she recognized was a young man who went by Shiveov. They met with a friendly smile and shake of the hand.

    "[Name]! Didn't think I'd find you here. Why are you in uniform?"

    "Long story; I'll explain when I get my stuff back."


    "My luggage was taken from me by Leo when I got here, but it's not in my room. Stalin told me to report it to him, but... I fear a small blunder could get someone killed. So I'm going to look for it myself. Would you happen to know who Leo gave it to?"

    "No, not in particular. But I'm not busy. I can help you look if you'd like. You can tell me why you're here while we're at it!"

    "That sounds wonderful." [Name] smiled.

i wrote this last night and finished it but waited until today to submit it to gauge interest

ah, stalin. quick to throw anyone in the gulag for small mistakes. also likes to play mind games.
if possible, i'll try to go through each week day up until the next monday. if not then i'll pick important days and just timeskip in the chapters lmao

i dont own ivan
or stalin
but who'd want to?
and you belong to urself.

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LadyXantila Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
Very interesting story, cannot wait to read next chapter and know more! Hmm, is that just me, or is Stalin really being creepy toward [Name]? With those uniforms and adjacent rooms ans so?
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But, I'm 5'4" :-I Meh, I can pretend to be taller. Great story
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he was small like hitler. and i think mussolini was small too??
stalin had a crippled arm too so that's a rip for him. [[[history nerd mode activated]]]
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Stalin's face was also scarred from smallpox as a boy. Plus, he was also very paranoid. In the end, he trusted no one, not even his own doctors.
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Then you have Napoleon who wasn't even short, he just had tall ass guards around him XD
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